As a homeowner, you worry about things going wrong with the major systems in your home. Whether it's the electrical or the plumbing and heating, the responsible homeowner takes regular maintenance seriously to avoid unexpected and costly repairs. It's the same with the roofing system. With routine maintenance, including bi-annual inspections and shingle care, your roof should last for years. Read tips from residential roofers in Tampa on how to keep your asphalt roof in great shape!

Use an Early Detection System

One of the best proactive things you can do to keep asphalt shingles in top condition is to look up at your roof. Get into the habit of looking at the roof every day. In a few weeks, you'll have developed a habit of noticing the appearance of your roof, especially any changes. You will get a sense of when something isn't quite right, which helps you catch small repair issues before they become costly repair problems. Watch for torn, cracked, or missing shingles. Make a note of loose flashing around pipes, chimneys, and vents and make arrangements for repair.

Keep the Roof Free of Debris

No matter the season, you'll have debris that makes its way to the roof. In the fall, you'll notice an abundance of fallen leaves, pine needles, and twigs. In late spring and early summer, your flowering trees will drop buds and petals. Year-round all kinds of yard debris will end up on the roof. Debris prevents water from draining freely. Clear debris from your roof's surface at the end of each season!

Trim the Trees

Keeping trees trimmed doesn't only make your landscaping look neat and tidy. Regular tree trimming prevents branches from rubbing against the surface of asphalt shingles. Scuffed shingles retain water. When you trim your trees, the shingles will stay drier, which discourages mold, algae, or fungus from developing. Another thing to keep trimmed back from the roof is vines and ivy.

Man Walking on Roof in Tampa

A Word About Gutters

One thing every residential roofing contractor reminds homeowners about is gutter. Gutters direct rainwater away from your asphalt shingles. The water flows into downspouts, which eventually direct it away from your home's foundation. Gutters and downspouts clogged with debris allow water to pool in the gutters or spill over onto the roof's edge. This is disastrous for the outer-most shingles. Like tree trimming and debris removal, make a point of cleaning gutters at least twice a year.

Avoid Roof Walking

The less traffic on asphalt shingles, the longer they'll last. Keep walking on the roof to a minimum and make sure anyone climbing up on the roof to install things such as antennas or solar makes a point of protecting shingles. If you can avoid mounting satellite discs to the roof's surface, you'll avoid leaks in the future.

Never Paint Shingles

It's tempting to give your roof a facelift by changing the color of the shingles. Sometimes homeowners decide to use paint or other coatings on their asphalt shingles. Residential roofing materials should never get a coat of paint. Instead, give them a fresh look with routine cleaning. If shingles are worn enough that you feel they need that level of treatment, you may need a contractor who can talk to you about a residential re-roof in Tampa. Contact Latite Roofing for a free quote. We've taken care of roofs in South Florida since 1943, and we'll take good care of your roof too!

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