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Annual Roof Cleaning

Saves You Money

With Latite's RoofDefender, you are guaranteed to need no other roof cleaning throughout the year with annual application of our product. One yearly application will keep algal, fungal, rust, and black stains off your roof, preventing the need for further cleaning or pressure washing, as well as keeping your roof in the best condition to reflect the Florida heat, and help keep cooling costs low.

RoofDefender Prevents

Unnecessary Costs

Latite's RoofDefender cleaning solution allows you to clean your roof once, and not worry about it for a full year. While pressure washing and other low-pressure cleaning require repeat treatment, RoofDefender can be applied once annually and will keep stains and algal bloom away all year. We guarantee the cleanliness of your roof so you have one less thing to worry about!

Big Problems:

Stop Them Before They Start

A proper maintenance plan always includes cleaning and treatment of your roof. Keeping your roof clean allows you to spot maintenance issues, as well as keeping corrosion from natural elements at bay. RoofDefender works as a form of preventative maintenance by not only cleaning your roof, but keeping it clean all year long.

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