As one of the biggest and most important aspects of any home, your roof requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Over the years, you may notice wear and tear on your roof, and there will come a time when you require the help of professional roofers for a residential new roof in Ft. Myers, FL. This is a worthwhile project, but the costs can quickly stack up if you're not careful. Here's what you need to know about estimating your roof replacement cost so that you can make easy, educated decisions about what to do with your roof moving forward.

Confirm That You Need a Replacement, Not Repairs

One of the first things you need to do is decide on whether you need a full-blown replacement or repairs. Depending on the current state of your roof, repairs might do the trick, but if there's significant damage or your roof is very old, then it pays to do a residential re-roof instead. Repairs make sense when it's just one small portion of your roof that needs to be fixed, but if there are issues with your entire roof, replacements are worth every penny.

Figure Out How Much Material You Would Need

Materials and the size and scope of your roofing project will largely determine the final price tag. It's important to figure out how much material would be necessary to complete your new roof. Experts who have been providing residential roofing services are well-versed in square footage and pitch, which are the key measurements required for roofing materials. The price of residential roofing relies heavily on the amount of material necessary to get the job done.

House with new roof in Ft. Myers

Source Budget-Friendly Materials

While the amount of material needed must be determined, you also need to think about your roofing options. There are many roofing options out there at different price points. If you want to save money you may want to explore clay, asphalt, or tile roofs. These budget-friendly materials could help you keep costs under control. Slate and plastic polymer will be more expensive, but sometimes the benefits of these roofs outweigh the cost. By having an idea of the kind of material you want to use and how much you need, you can get an estimate of what this project will cost you.

Talk to Your Trusted Roofing Team

Once you've done a bit of research on how much it will cost to replace your roof, it's time to talk to your chosen roofing contractor. Whether these roofers are new to your property or you've worked with them before, you should expect open and honest communication about the associated costs with your desired roofing project. These professionals have spent decades repairing and replacing roofs like yours, and they can give you insight into the cost of your new roof.

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