As many Latite employees are still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Irma, our employees in Fort Myers were the most impacted as many are still without water and power.  Yet, through it all, they remain dedicated to coming to work to service our many customers who were also devastated by the storm.

As most without power and water, getting a hot meal is not possible.  To help our roofers start their day off right, the management team are feeding the crews a hot breakfast each day and will continue to do so until power and water have been restored to their homes.  CDL Driver, Nicolas Rodriguez who has been with the company for six years stated everyone is so thankful for the breakfast and all the support the management team have given them, “everyone is so happy”. 

With the direction of General Manager Josh Regez, our Fort Myers Latite team have instituted many positive changes to the organization in order to improve the work environment for all employees because our employees are what make our business possible. Although most are struggling without power or water in their homes, they still show up to earn a living and support their families as well as help put our community back together.  Josh states, “The least we can do is make sure they have a warm meal to start their day and fresh water and ice to keep them going throughout the day.  Proud of the dedication and resilient spirit of the team we have in Fort Myers”.

Fort Myers Leaders Serve Hot Breakfast to Employees