Roof repairs in Miami are quite an important investment to make in your home, but the average roof installation service costs thousands of dollars, which is no small expenditure. As a result, many people will prolong the need to replace or make significant repairs to their roofs for as long as they possibly can. While some minor damage can be mitigated, there's simply no way to put off a major roof restoration once the leaks begin to endanger your home and everything in it.

It's important that you take care of problems that arise regarding your roof since there are many unintended consequences that can accompany ignoring even minor roof repairs. Before you elect to put off a visit from roof repair contractors, you should consider the true costs of waiting to make needed repairs. Keep reading to learn some of the common consequences associated with neglecting needed roof repairs.


The most obvious, and probably the most pressing, consequence of putting off roof repair is that your roof will develop leaks. When water finds a way to infiltrate your roofing surface, the damage begins to accrue immediately. If left to persist for very long, the moisture will undermine your roof decking through warping and rotting. Some leaks will cause water to drip through the decking to the ceiling, where it can cause stains and enter the walls. That infiltrating moisture can cause additional structural damage to your home that will be costly to repair.

Mold Growth

When moisture gets beneath your roofing surface, it can create the perfect damp, dark environment in which mold can thrive. Mold isn't just unsightly. It can cause secondary damage and even put your health in jeopardy. Some varieties of mold carry significant health consequences, and once those mold spores begin to disperse, they can contaminate your entire home. Remediation of dangerous molds is an expensive, intensive process that must be done by professionals with the proper equipment and training.

Roofers repairing roof

Energy Loss

Though not as costly as the damage caused by a leaking roof, another cost of neglecting your roof is lost energy efficiency. If your roof can't seal out moisture, it also can't seal the internal spaces away from the outside air. That interchange of air can decimate your energy efficiency, costing you extra on utility bills. Also, if your asphalt shingles become degraded by age or wear, they can't disperse heat as well as new shingles, which can lead to additional energy loss.

Increased Repair Costs

Even a small repair that goes unattended can spiral into a larger expense if it's not repaired in a timely fashion. For example, a missing shingle can be easily replaced without much cost or effort. However, if the repair isn't made, a leak will develop that could cause the roof decking to rot and collapse, or it can allow water to leak into the ceiling and walls, causing stains and mold growth. The cost for the later consequences is exponentially larger than the cost of fixing a single shingle.

Roof repairs in Miami shouldn't be neglected once they're discovered. Instead of putting off those repairs, it's best to attend to them as quickly as possible with the help of qualified professional roof repair contractors. If you're in need of roof repairs, contact Latite Roofing and Sheet Metal by calling (800) 639-7663.

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