Should you, or shouldn't you? If you own a home in Cape Coral, it's a question you ask yourself every time your home needs a repair. Should you do it yourself, or should you call a professional? While it might not be the first question you ask when you think about your roof, eventually you'll wonder if you can still climb that ladder, lug several bundles of shingles, and get it fixed. Before you decide, here are a few dangers associated with DIY roof repairs.

Do You Have Roofers' Legs?

When you spend most of your work hours walking around on a roof, you develop certain instincts. Your feet learn where to step and the rest of your body learns how to maneuver without giving it much thought. Residential roofers know how to walk a roof, even when it's wet. After years of experience, they're not afraid of heights and feel right at home on the roof. Most homeowners don't spend much time on the roof. Your legs may feel shaky and your body might feel off-balance. Add a few tools and a tool belt along with the roofing materials, and you have a recipe for a fall. Your legs just aren't used to it.

Leaks Aren't Always Easy to Find

Did you just raise your eyebrow? We know you see the water dripping from the ceiling. We also know you've investigated in the attic and think you've located the breach in your roof. That's on the inside. Pinpointing the exact location of a leak from the outside isn't so simple. Residential roofing specialists have a knack for locating leaks because they know which areas on your roof tend to leak. They understand what causes leaks and know how to stop them. The danger in DIY roof repair is thinking you've repaired a leak when you haven't. That means the next time it rains outside it'll also rain inside your home.

New gray roof

You May Foot the Bill for Property Damage

We're not saying it's a guarantee that you'll damage your property but why risk it? What you might not realize is, when you hire someone qualified to manage residential roof replacement in Cape Coral, FL, they handle any damages. Anytime property damage occurs during a professional roofing installation, the roofing contractor covers the cost of repairs. Kudos if you're willing to get up on the roof and work, but two things can happen if you cause damage. First, your wallet will take a hit. Second, your homeowner's insurance provider could nullify your policy. Most insurance providers prefer you hire professional contractors for major home repairs. Check your policy but we hope you decide in favor of working with a professional roofing company.

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