Good morning to our Latite Customers and South Florida residents. Hurricane Irma is quickly approaching and we have all our crews deployed working to secure jobsites as fast as possible. All new roofing operations have been suspended and we are working to close in and tie-off all in progress work and secure materials on existing jobsites to the best of our ability. We anticipate that our offices will close either Thursday evening or mid-day Friday as we must allow our personnel adequate time to secure their own residences and families. We urge you to do whatever is needed to secure your property and make final preparations as Hurricane Irma appears to be a very dangerous storm and South Florida is unfortunately going to be effected.  Post storm we expect extremely high call volumes so please be patient while we work through what we know will be an extremely busy time. We urge you to utilize our "request a quote" form fill feature found at the bottom of every page of our website in lieu of calling as by doing so we will have an electronic record of your request.  This is easier for us to prioritize versus a wave of calls coming inbound to our switchboard which can be very cumbersome. We will be evaluating working conditions post storm and will post information on the website regarding lead times and service availability once we know more.  Make your final preparations and keep indoors until the storm has completely cleared. Please check back for updates on service availability post storm and good luck to everyone!